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Partner Chris Timmons Discusses Hunter Biden Indictment with ABC’s Kyra Phillips

ABC News Live interviewed Chris Timmons, a partner at Knowles Gallant Timmons and former prosecutor, on the recent indictment of Hunter Biden.

“Obviously, the judge didn’t like the plea deal,” said Timmons. He added that while that happens sometimes, prosecutors should be concerned about jury nullification in this case.

Timmons provided more context, saying, “Who is this hurting at the end of the day? We have a case that doesn’t involve any sort of victim and someone who is obviously struggling with addiction, I’d be concerned about jury nullification all the way around. The only reason why this might be a problem for the defense is you might have some Republicans on the jury who think it is appropriate that he’s being charged and, as others have said, that he [Biden] was given a sweetheart deal and special treatment.”

Watch the full interview on X here.

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