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Art Fraud

Art Fraud

Buying and selling art is accompanied by a myriad of legal issues touching on both transactional and litigation matters. Knowles Gallant Timmons’ Art Law Practice is unique in that it aims to help clients who have been deceived regarding their artwork’s provenance or authenticity. Whether your artwork is later determined to be forged, or even stolen, KGT attorneys are uniquely positioned to help you reach a positive outcome due to our attorneys’ breadth of fraud and RICO experience. 

Our attorneys advise on both pre-litigation and pre-arbitration disputes, whether these stem from authenticity or ownership controversies. If settlement is not possible, our attorneys are well equipped to assist you throughout the trial process, with extensive experience in state and federal courtrooms throughout the State. 

In addition to our professional endeavors, our attorneys share a personal passion for the arts, enjoying a close relationship with Georgia Lawyers for the Arts. 

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