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Alex Wagner Tonight on MSNBC: Herding cats: Courts wrestle with scheduling Georgia trial of Trump, co-defendants

With so many people involved, there are a lot of factors pulling in different directions for how and when to conduct the criminal racketeering trial of Donald Trump and his co-defendants in Georgia. Chris Timmons, a former Georgia prosecutor and trial attorney at Knowles Gallant Timmons, talked with MSNBC’s Alex Wagner about the considerations the court is making in a decision that could come any day now.

“There’s some tension here, Alex,” said Timmons. “One of the things people are not talking about but need to keep in mind is that this is an active courtroom. […] If this courtroom is tied up for two years as opposed to one year, that will cause a major backlog.”

Timmons also noted the consideration for ineffective assistance of counsel, a standard in Georgia and nationwide. “If you have attorneys who are not properly prepared for trail, that’s an appellate issue and could get the case reversed. You certainly don’t want to be the judge who gets reversed in one of the most high-profile cases in history,” he noted.

When asked when we may find out about who among the other co-defendants in the case might be flipping, Timmons said, “It should be [happening now]. I’m sure there are discussions behind the scenes. […] What you typically want to do when you’re flipping people, and I’ve flipped a lot of people, is to start from the bottom and work your way up like a carpet.”

Watch the live interview on MSNBC here.

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