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Law360: Paths Forward For RE Buyers In Turbulent Market Conditions

Commercial Real Estate

It’s no secret the commercial real estate market is hurting, especially following Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s meteoric escalation of interest rates. According to Knowles Gallant Timmons Partners  Jon Gallant and Jared Hodges, there are many challenges and uncertainty in this different market, and “right now is a great time to do nothing.”

Gallant and Hodges outline the latest developments in capital markets and how to navigate this tricky real estate market at time when capital is so expensive.

When it comes to financing a real estate acquisition or new development, buyers have two difficult problems that are universally new in the present market: Capital is scarce and capital is expensive.

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Explore challenges in commercial real estate with Knowles Gallant Timmons. Navigate market uncertainties and scarce/expensive capital, advised to 'do nothing' strategically.
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