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WSB Radio: FBI raids Atlanta multifamily housing industry after anti-trust laws may have been breached

A federal investigation on price fixing in the apartment rental market led FBI agents to conduct a search at Atlanta-based Cortland Management offices, a company managing apartment complexes nationwide. According to Cortland, the limited search warrant is part of an ongoing investigation by the US Department of Justice regarding potential antitrust violations in the multifamily housing sector.

Chris Timmons, a former Georgia prosecutor, spoke with WSB Radio to explain what antitrust violations could mean.

“Usually anti-trust is some sort of anti-competitive behavior meaning there’s an allegation of price fixing in some way,” said Timmons. “Someone that they’ve had contact with is accused of setting prices and driving the prices in the multifamily housing market artificially high.”

To access the interview and learn more about the ongoing litigation, please visit WSB Radio here.

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