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Atlanta News First: Former Georgia prosecutor outlines why the Young Thug trial is so complex

Partner Chris Timmons, a former DeKalb and Cobb County prosecutor of nearly 20 years, spoke with Atlanta News First about the complex trial of Grammy-winning rapper Young Thug and 13 other defendants facing various gang-related charges. Timmons said prosecutors chose to try the group under the RICO act because it helps them tell a story and connect multiple crimes, showing a pattern of criminal activity.

He said, “I imagine one of the reasons they use the RICO act here is because they had acts that occurred outside Fulton County’s boundaries. So that allows you to go into DeKalb, that allows you to go into Gwinnett, it allows you go to into Clayton, it allows you to go into Douglas, and prosecute crimes in one jurisdiction, even if they happened all over the place.”

For more insight on the criminal trial, please read the Atlanta News First article online here.

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