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ABC News: What are the potential outcomes of Trump’s hush money trial?

ABC News spoke with Chris Timmons, a former Georgia prosecutor and ABC News legal contributor, about the potential outcomes of former President Donald Trump’s Manhattan criminal trial and the possibility of Trump testifying in his own defense.

“It’s been my experience in white-collar cases that even though defense attorneys try and keep their client off the stand — because it more often than not hurts them rather than helps them — I’m not sure he can help himself,” Timmons said.

It remains in question whether or not Trump could be convicted. Despite the prosecution’s strong case of factual evidence, they’re still missing technical elements necessary for conviction.

Acquittal is also a possibility. Timmons believes that even though the prosecution has made a strong case, there is always a chance that a jury would still find Trump not guilty.

“Even if the state or the people prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, the jury could still decide that they just don’t like the case for some reason, and decide to acquit. I’ve had that happen before when I was a prosecutor,” Timmons said.

Read the full article from ABC News online here.

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